Some pictures of work which we have completed.

 Pigeon damage to building, note discolouring of the building frontage under the windows. Solutions to this problem can include gels, or bird control spikes. Call us to discuss your options.











 The largest rat we have caught so far.. weighing over 2lbs. For scale, the trap is 6" long!



Stock damage from rodents is a very real problem. This whole pallet of pet food was lost, after the nest, including the youngsters shown below were found.





















With a typical litter size of 6 to 8, following just 21 days gestation, rats can breed at a prolific rate. Young rats reach sexual maturity in 12 weeks. This means that a single pair of rats can have a family of hundreds in a few months, and thousands in under a year!




















Sticky pads are just one of the solutions which we can offer to a rodent problem.












An important part of our team is Arnie, the Patterdale terrier, he's got one of the best noses in the business, and saves us hours of time. He's great with children and loves a lot of fuss if he has done a good job!














This year has seen us deal with many wasps nests such as these ones!